English Poems of Elmar Woelm

The Guardians

Elmar Woelm

What is it about
when people slay men?
What is it about
when a child starves to death?
What is it about
when airplanes crash?

What is it about
when politicians make war?
What is it about
when a man rapes his wife?
What is it about
when hatred expands?

What is it about
when old die alone,
when a love starved child
is molested to suffering? --

It´s the darkness of illusion
of concepts and mind
of judgement and ego
of the pigheaded kind!

And we are the guardians
the knights of the truth,
we are serving the lord
for old-age and youth.

With courage and honour
dedication and depth
loyalty, devotion, strength
and not less:

With respekt for ourselves,
for god and mankind,
we are humbly struggling
for love and for light.

Listen to me
'cause this ist the truth:

If you want come home
and end all the pain
then look in your heart
and don´t waste your time!

God is within
he´s waiting for you
and we the guardians
we are helping you through.


Elmar Woelm

Burning in the endless sky
see your laughing eyes.
Looking at this restless guy
friendly and so wise.

Burning in the sleepless night
touching soul so sober.
Ending all the senseless fight
turning it all over.

Burning in the fire
suffering and ease.
Filling hearts desire
mother, your release.

You are so beautiful !

Elmar Woelm

You are so beautiful –
all you ugly ones and unloved.

Who told you,
whom did you believe?
Who could make you
- wonderful beeing -
deny your beauty?

All you lonely in the world
know that you are not alone!
Risk to suffer,
venture to cry,
venture to deeply feel your pein.

Look around,
yes, please look around!
And let go of your deniel,
deniel of that what is the truth.

Why do you take these for granted
those who do not feel
like you?
You are so beautiful...

Oh people who are suffering so much –
do you know what you are missing?

Captured in the loony-bins,
judged by mugs, slandered and harassed.
Ridiculed, mocked, scolded, embarrassed.
Tortured, agonized, burned to death...

Nobody wants to see the truth –
even in the freest land.

And now cry, allow your tears,
which had wait for so long time,
see the agony of the plane.
Feel the many that have pein
and the many that don’t see...
Hear how our earth is groaning!

Burst the hard shell of protection!
Finally let bleed your hearts.
For they’re longing long so long
to unfold your beauty.


Elmar Woelm

Sometimes I feel
like someone
who has an amnesia.
Only the breath of a memory.

Suddenly I know
where my sadness comes from.
Furiously I want to cry,
going wild from desperation.

Longing has seized me
to go home
to the place of silence,
of peace, of zest for life.

I know
that this is not my home.
One says we are like those
beeing in the water,
crying of thirst.

What have they –
what have we
done to us?

During the rare moments of silence
I feel
how easy it is!
And yet
the torrend has grasped at me again,
drags and tugs
worse than ever bevor.

The human mind –
a crazy ape.
Who thinks in my head?
Me! ... Me? ... Me ???
Its me –
that can not be!
A thousand voices
conceal my essence.

Longing has seized me.
to go home.
But only a breath
of memory.


Elmar Woelm

A blessing came
to conjure up
light and love and peace.

As the mind
is going nuts
heart sees blooming ease.

The Star

Elmar Woelm

Times of darkness
fear and pain
a star shines in the dawn.
Shining bright
and shining clear
great peace of it's own.

A Light

Elmar Woelm

There is a light
that will not rest
until the darkest spot -
the latest quest

has turned to peace
and ease and jest
and all the inner fight
is lost - -

in harmony